Breast cancer survival techniques for dealing with challenges on the job and in life

October 16, 2015

"I cut out the fat -- spiritually and physically -- to survive. I eliminated sugar and bread and began daily meditations from scripture that were encouraging and uplifting," said Lecheler. "I didn't want to be dragged down by my cancer diagnosis. I needed to regain control through the things I could change - my diet, attitudes and beliefs."

Lecheler trains employees at various organizations from executive leadership to line employees on the power of high-performance thinking -- stressing self-examination and faith-strengthening exercises to clear away unproductive thoughts.  

In addition, Lecheler focuses on aligning purpose, potential and performance to create the proper environment for personal and organizational health. Part of that process includes cleansing the body and mind of impurities that may be hindering work outcomes and negatively influencing the way someone approaches problem-solving on the job and in life.

The HEALED Series and The Spirit to Heal, visit Lecheler's website at thespirittoheal.

SOURCE Doreen Lecheler