Human voice links us all together, helps define us as human beings: U-M Vocal Health Center director

March 24, 2016

Sometimes cancer or severe injury can require the complete removal of a person's voice box. These courageous individuals are often still be able to speak after reconstruction and with the will to let their voices be heard. The incredible human voice can even transcend loss of the voice box itself.

What about laughter or crying of young children? Whether they live nearby or on a different continent, the voice of a joyous or distressed child is something that engages our emotions and cannot be ignored.

The voice that we share is what we celebrate on World Voice Day! At this time and throughout the year, the U-M Vocal Health Center encourages you to take care of your voice. A few simple vocal health tips include:

* Keep yourself well hydrated.* Don't smoke.* Don't scream or shout. Use a microphone if you need to project your voice.* Rest your voice if you have laryngitis.* Get evaluated by an Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat physician) if you have persistent hoarseness.

SOURCE University of Michigan Health System