New research shows regular walking can reduce risk of breast, bowel and other cancers

December 19, 2015

The walking, because it's rhythmic and repetitive, allows for the release of physical, emotional and psychological energies that are stored. It's also important when we walk to pay attention to the movement our hands. Sometimes when we walk, we can shake our body in a non rhythmic movement to allow some of the less defined patterns that are not repetitive to come out, and this allows for a more unusual release.

So when we walk, we are walking on all levels, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. What ties it together is the breathing. As we walk, we naturally start breathing deeper. It's a good idea (and sometime this happens on its own without our awareness) to start synchronizing our steps with our breathing. You will notice that the inhalation/exhalation starts being synchronized, and when we are running it's hard to do this because we are moving too fast. Rhythmic breathing becomes the key.

With walking we can synchronize the movement of the body, the movement of the breath, which is called the speech level, or the throat chakra in Eastern philosophies, and the movement of the mind, through emotions, feelings, and thoughts. This is really the powerful value of such a simple exercise, where walking becomes more than just walking. It becomes a profound and harmonizing therapy benefiting us on all levels, body mind and spirit.

Source: Better Health Publishing