New rotary-powered device for bone marrow aspiration, biopsy yields superior samples with less pain

December 10, 2015

100% core biopsy sample core capture rate for OnControl compared to 67% for Manual 83% faster procedure time for OnControl when compared to Manual Significantly lower overall pain (20.9 vs 33.3 on a VAS scale of 0-100) Significantly larger core biopsy specimens with a mean volume for OnControl of 49.12mm compared to 10.76mm for Manual.

"Results suggest use of the Powered bone marrow biopsy device makes a significant difference in overall pain. Perhaps more importantly, the superior size and overall quality of core specimens delivered by the Powered device provides more material for pathological evaluation..." concluded the study's authors.

The third study, "A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing a Powered Bone Marrow Biopsy System and Manual Bone Marrow Biopsy Procedures" presented by James Berenson, MD, was a 102-patient study which demonstrated:

109% faster procedure time for OnControl compared to Manual Significantly more OnControl patients were pain free 24 hours after the biopsy procedure; 67% compared to 33% for Manual patients Significantly larger core biopsy specimens with a mean volume for OnControl of 36.8mm compared to 20.4mm for Manual.

"The use of this device does shorten the procedure time and reduce intermediate term pain - important considerations for the quality of life for patients with hematopoietic and oncological disorders," noted the author.

Vidacare's rotary-powered OnControl?? Bone Marrow System provides the first significant advance to bone marrow biopsies and aspirations in more than 50 years, offering patients and clinicians a vastly improved procedure option. The System commercially launched in first quarter of 2010.

Source: Vidacare Corporation