Scottsdale Healthcare implants MRI-safe pacemaker

December 25, 2015

"Patients at Scottsdale Healthcare now have access to a state-of-the-art pacemaker that is designed to work safely and effectively in an MRI environment," said Dr. Mattioni, medical director of Electrophysiology at Scottsdale Healthcare. "This new pacemaker technology can provide a meaningful difference in patients' lives."

Pacemaker use is growing, with approximately five million patients worldwide who currently are implanted with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.

At the same time, use of MRI as a diagnostic tool is increasing, with approximately 30 million scans completed in 2007. Individuals over age 65 are twice as likely to need an MRI compared with younger patients.

The Revo MRI pacemaker is considered MR-Conditional, a term used to indicate that a device may be used in the MRI environment under certain conditions, such as a particular type of MRI scanner and scanner settings.

MRI scanners may cause other current pacemakers to misinterpret MRI-generated electrical noise and withhold pacing therapy or deliver unnecessary pacing therapy. This new pacemaker includes a proprietary SureScan feature that sets the device into an appropriate mode for the MRI environment. This new pacing system also includes specially designed leads (insulated wires that are placed into the heart) which protect the patient from heart damage that can occur if MRI is performed in currently available pacing systems.

SOURCE Scottsdale Healthcare