Study: Statin use may reduce risk of high-grade prostate cancer

February 04, 2016

Researchers concluded that statin use may significantly reduce the risk for total and high-grade prostate cancer, and increased levels of serum cholesterol are associated with higher risk for total and high-grade prostate cancer.

"We are now sure that clinical trials of statins for prostate cancer prevention are warranted," said Dr. Farwell.

In addition to this study, the IMPaCT conference provides a broad overview of the field of prostate cancer research, while highlighting the ground-breaking contributions that PCRP-funded investigators have made.

The PCRP, which funded this study, is committed to conquering prostate cancer.  This important study is just one example of the impact that the PCRP is making in translating innovative science into clinical therapies.

The study, "Are Statins Associated with Decreased Risk for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Grade?," was conducted by Wildon Farwell, Leonard D'Avolio, Richard Scranton, Elizabeth Lawler, and J. Michael Gaziano from Brigham and Women's Hospital.

SOURCE Prostate Cancer Research Program