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September 02, 2015

In this article, Uckun and his colleagues demonstrate for the first time that leukemic cells taken from ALL patients overexpress a number of proteins involved in the JAK3 signaling pathway and their receptors, leading to increased JAK3 activation. Analysis of eight previous studies revealed that this amplified expression of JAK3-stimulatory proteins, along with a deficiency of JAK3-inhibitory signaling proteins, occurs in vivo in a number of B-lineage malignancies. Therefore, despite the rarity of JAK3-activating mutations it appears that JAK3 is permanently active in many B-lineage lymphoid malignancies, including ALL, and is an exciting target for novel therapeutic approaches.

The authors conclude that clinical studies are warranted to evaluate the activity of JAK3 inhibitors in B-lineage leukemia, in order to elucidate their activity and side-effect profiles.

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